mama, i’m coming home.

So fortunately to everyone who has to see my face on a day to day basis, I’ve snapped out of that awful funk I was in after being sick and the week from hell. Tessa is still suffering a bit but no more fevers or hissy fits. As of today, we only have officially one more week of classes– and that’s it. Next week, classes, the following, finals. Then DONE. 19 days left. I have been watching this moment from afar since March 29, 2010.. watching it creep ever so slowly.

In real life, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m moving back home. Charlottesville in the Spring.. ahh, the feelings it brings to think of… picnics at the river, steamy barbecues in the country… bourbon, sun dresses, floppy hats.. Breezy open windows and NRN on the radio, wine spritzers, babies (toddlers!) playing in the grass, heirloom tomatoes on my vines, herbs, herbs, and more herbs, my garden! getting dirt on my knees and my sundress, swatting away mosquitoes and flicking caterpillers off the vines (sorry, no sympathy here), burying my nose in a big, big book, sleeping with just a sheet on, sandals, actually enjoying the weekends: Fridays after 5, the Market, local green, real green produce, pilates at ACAC, strolling downtown, foxfield! can’t forget foxfields. I love, love Spring and Summer in Charlottesville. Overbearing heat insists on relaxation, being with friends, moving more slowly… enjoying life.

I have a job. I’m getting married in 2.5 months. I’m going home. Good things a plenty on my side of the fence.


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