since today is about love

and i’m a sucker for love, anyway, here is my top 3 (in no particular order đŸ˜‰ list of people/animals i love to pieces.

I don’t particularly dig the romancy-fancy-pants aspect of valentine’s day, but I think it’s a good day, like mother’s day or birthdays, to celebrate something special. Today I celebrate all the love that I’m so lucky to have in my life… my family, my amazing friends, my crazy dog… and more, of course.

I didn’t get to be with Alessandro today, but I was surprised this evening by a delivery of a dozen pale pink roses. I’m so excited to marry this man in EXACTLY 3 months.

On a different note, we’re on night two of Tessa sleeping in her big girl bed. Well, a toddler bed to be exact, but nonetheless, it’s pretty amazing that she has slept soundly and without complaints in her new bed. Big steps for a little girl.


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