First Big Girl Bed.

And so this is a big day for me. A tiring day. I feel old. I feel like I’m really, really not the mother of a baby anymore.

Why was I so excited— that she now could climb out of the crib, so it was time to get her a big girl bed… so we didn’t potentially have to deal with any broken bones. What was I thinking? I just effectively ended her days of sleeping in a crib. For my own silly safety reasons. And now my baby, my sweet girl. She’s cuddled up in her big girl bed. She didn’t fight it, she was excited. But when I peeked in on her, she looked so small… so tiny in that big bed, and I felt sad. Did I jump the gun? Should I have let her be a baby in her crib for a while longer?

Isn’t that really the question, anyway? How long can I baby her for? Forever?


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